Burning money

I will know my song well before I start to sing it
And sing for the feeling it gives me inside
Dig deep in my soul for the words that I choose
And take all criticism of me with a smile
Remember this moment and everyone after
Learn from the reminding memories of life
But be well aware that im only a guest here
And do everything that i can with my time

I need to get back nature, be one with the planet
Nourish and nurture it as it has me
Feel only love for the world and all in it
Be greatful for all I am blessed to receive
Take all in my stride but take nothing for granted
Never hesitate to get on with my life
Have faith in myself and my spirit will guide me
I’ll follow the path I believe to be right

I wont be distracted by peoples reactions
Say what i mean as it enters my mind
But make sure I take good addvice when its given
And do what I fear as I previously scribed
We must always keep searching for knowledge and wisdom
Make sure we do if we are able to teach
Take others ideas into consideration
And practice the things that we think we should preach

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