Big News: The Album is Complete!

As many of you know, my debut album has been in the pipeline for a few years… But all of a sudden, I’m really close! Last summer, I finally found time between the guitar building and baby making to get into the studio and put down some of the tracks I’ve been nurturing for so long. The songs are written and recorded, a multitude of musicians I’m lucky enough to call my friends have added their touches to the mixes and Mr Steve Fearnley of NarrowWater Studios has weaved his producer magic to create what I feel is a beautiful album of music. So now, it’s over to you. I need pre-orders of the album to be able to push it through to the final stage.

I’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign via which you can pre-order the album and also, if you feel so inclined, contribute a wee bit more to the effort by indulging in one of perks I’m offering. Seeing as I’m a luthier and creative woodworker as well as a guitarist and singer-songwriter, I’m offering a variety of other options alongside the CDs and downloads.

Many of you will have seen crowdfunding campaigns before but I want to be clear that my campaign is not like a lot of others out there because the majority of the work is already done. The songs for the album have already been recorded so you can actually listen to a sneak preview on my soundcloud page at:

This means that even those who have never heard my music before can check out the album and if they feel to do so, can pre-order as well… with this in mind, please share the soundcloud link and the campaign with anyone you think might appreciate my music.

It feels like I’m really close to making my longheld dream a reality – the only thing left to do to is to get the album mastered, printed and into the hands of those who have waited alongside me to hear it… YOU!

So, please consider pre-ordering your copy of the album, or just the MP3 if you prefer, by contributing to the campaign. This really is the final push I need to make this album happen. If you’ve heard my music over the years and you like what you hear, please do put some pennies in the pot… and help me launch my music out into the world!

Many thanks in advance,


PS. I’m so excited about getting my debut album out that I’ve even started using my Twitter account again… if you’re a twit too, you can follow me at: 😉


Autumn House Concerts Tour with Carrie Tree

I’ve been a wee bit quiet on the email front in recent weeks, mainly because I’ve been busy playing at various festivals around the UK. Thanks to all of you who came to my gigs at Small World, Buddhafield, Fiddlers Green, Bimble Bandada and last but not least Glastonbury where I enjoyed closing the Small World stage, playing a particularly long set to a beautiful and attentive audience, in the small hours of Sunday night/Monday morning.

Nathan & Martha Tilston on the Small World stage at Glastonbury Festival

Gigs like that one remind me of why I play music in the first place and make me want to recreate that magical quality whenever I play. One of the best ways I’ve seen this done is at house concerts, simple events where musicians come to your home and play for you and a bunch of friends in your living room. The atmosphere is intimate and homely and they have a relaxed and personal quality to them. I’ve been wanting to do a house concerts tour for a while now and it looks like it’s finally happening…

I’ve linked up with my good friend and fellow musician Carrie Tree, whose music many of you will know, to organise a house concerts tour of the UK this Autumn.

During the month of October we plan to travel from living room to living room, playing to our hosts, their guests and each other and we hope creating a series of unique acoustic concerts in people’s homes. Having put the word out on social media we’ve already secured a fair few homes to play in but we’re still looking for willing hosts… which is where you come in! If you’d like to have Carrie and I fill your home with our music then please respond to this email or get in contact with Kat ( who is organising the tour for us. You don’t need to have done it before, nor do you need an enormous house … if you’re interested in finding out more do drop Kat a line 🙂

Carrie Tree and I will be doing a house concerts tour in October

Carrie and I met on the festival circuit many moons ago and are very much looking forward to collaborating on this tour. We feel our music greatly complements each other and also that the atmosphere we create together is particularly suited to the house concerts set up. We reckon this tour is gonna be a special one and we hope you’ll join us in making it happen.

Finally, watch this space if you’re one of those who have been waiting for me to release my debut album…. progress has been made and I’ll be contacting you again soon with more info and the opportunity to pre-order your copy… exciting!!

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On the road: Next week in London & Glastonbury

It’s all happening next week! I’m excited to be taking to the road on Monday with a band of raggle taggle folkie friends for some unique and magical collaborative shows in London and Glastonbury – two of which are launch events for the new ‘Live on the Ley’ album featuring Jez Hellard, Scott Cook, Alistair Caplin, Nye Parsons and myself:

Tuesday 9th June @ No 14 Bacon Street, Brick Lane, London


Wednesday 10th June @ The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury


Both shows will be one-off collaborative events featuring all the original Live on the Ley artists plus enchanting songstress and leading light of the festival scene Carrie Tree. If you don’t know the performers in question, you’ll be mightily impressed. If you do, you’ll be aware just how rare this collaboration is. We’ll be playing in the round, adding harmonies and instrumentation to each others’ songs to weave together a real musical treat. If you’re a fan of powerful music, I strongly suggest you use the links above to get your tickets TODAY… before they’re all gone!

And if that weren’t enough to entice you out of the comfort of your living room on a summer’s evening… seeing as I HAVEN’T PLAYED IN LONDON FOR OVER TWO YEARS (!!!) I’ve teamed up with funky new folk outfit ‘Folk Afloat’ to play an exclusive show aboard their canal boat in East London. The gig will take place on Monday 8th June which means you have two opportunities to see me play next week 😉 As with the Brick Lane gig, tickets are extremely limited so you’ll need to book in advance if you plan to come along. Folk Afloat’s meet up page has all the details (sign up required but you can “un-sign up” once you’ve bought your tickets!)

Last but not least, to finish off what promises to be a wonderful week of gigs, I’ll be playing two sets at La Terre cafe-bar-restaurant in Glastonbury on Sunday 14th June. La Terre is one of Glastonbury’s favourite eateries and a fine place to while away a Sunday evening. So if you fancy some chill time, good food and a wee tipple, come and join me for relaxing end to a busy musical week.

That’s all for now folks… If you can summon the energy to share this news with your music loving friends, that’d be a great help 😉

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Enjoy the sunshine!

Nathan Ball